ROPO design is born from a desire to create sustainable and fashionable home décor and to fill homes with cosiness, colours, and stylish pieces. ROPOdesign is here to make everyday life more joyful by being surrounded by minimalistic yet exceptional items. 


All the items are handcrafted from surplus fabrics from factories. Offcuts, remnants, and imperfect pieces of fabrics are collected from the factories and revived for a second life. ROPOdesign believes that with creativity and craftsmanship, something beautiful can be made using the resources we already have.

ROPOdesing is collaborating with a linen factory in Kaunas, Lithuania. The fabrics that otherwise would be landfilled go to Roberta’s workshop and are used for all kinds of items. It is a more time consuming procedure than buying fabrics in bulk because every time the colours, quantities, and fabrics differ. Therefore, they need to be evaluated, decided on the products they are the most suitable for, quantities, making, and finally, presentation to the customers. It also means the assortment is always different, quantities are low, and you’ll get a one-off piece.

ROPO design is always looking for ways how to expand production and include more sellers and suppliers passionate about sustainability and upcycling. If you one of them, please contact me.  


The brand uses natural fabrics such as linen. Linen (or flax) is a natural fiber known for thousands of years. Because of its durability and strength, it has been used for clothing, home décor, and other garments for ages. The flax plant is easy to grow and takes less water than, for example, cotton. Nowadays, designers and artists are rediscovering linen as a sustainable, eco-friendly fabric, which is breathable, elegant, durable, and highly absorbent. It is also worth knowing that when garments made of linen finish their life, they decay easily without leaving any trace on our Earth. From the beautifully blossoming plant to the finished item, linen is love.



ROPO design is one woman's orchestra - from the idea to the packaging - so far everything is by one's hands. Ever since I was little, I loved crafts, and especially sewing. I was always passionate about textiles, clothing, colours, and arts. Therefore, I chose arts as my profession and passion – I’ve got my Bachelor’s degree in Scenography (Vilnius Academy of Arts, LT) and Master’s in Theatre Making (University of Hull, UK). I also gained technical and practical knowledge as a seamstress in the vocational school. Now I love running my business, and making unique and contemporary pieces for the home environment as well as using my creativity and skills on an everyday basis while working on my own.